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Digitas LBi

"A genuinely friendlier relationship than any other agency I have dealt with."

The company

LBi is a global marketing and technology agency. It currently has 32 offices in 17 countries and approximately 2,000 staff that collaborate with brands on digital marketing services such as design, branded content, mobile, CRM and social media.

The challenge

LBi was working on a high-profile project for its client, Virgin Media, and required a QA Lead on a contract basis to form an integral part of the project team. Due to the extensive skillset required for the role, the ideal candidate needed a proven track record of using applications such as Adobe CQ5 Scrum, Kanban, TDD and BDD.

The solution

GCS has an unrivalled knowledge of the QA and testing market. With an extensive database of testing professionals and as sponsors of the London Tester Gathering, GCS was able to quickly identify a suitably skilled and immediately available candidate within its network. Due to the strong relationship GCS had with LBi, an interview was not necessary and the candidate was given the position purely on GCS’ recommendation.

They said

"GCS worked hard but avoided the agency equivalent of spamming, meaning I could rely on their efforts to be focused and indeed, a genuinely friendlier relationship than any other agency I have dealt with. They kept a careful eye on the sort of people we needed and who worked best, and several times moved Heaven and Earth to get such people in place.” 

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