When: 14/10/2015

Where: Reading

Start time: 9.00am

Finish time: 10.30am

The latest in our series of HR seminars, this event focused on the impact of social media within the workplace. Delivered by 4 expert speakers Kate Marks, Director of Evolution HR, Dan Begbie-Clench, Piers Leigh Pollitt and Simon Tovey of Doyle Clayton Solicitors, the speakers highlighted the benefits of creating and developing a social media strategy that fits each individual business, and how to strike the right balance when implementing a social media policy.

From a legal perspective, Doyle Clayton discussed the different procedures and practical measures that can be put into place when dealing with issues such as bullying, harassment and discrimination that arise through social media. Dan will also discuss the role social media plays within data security and the benefits and pitfalls of using social media to screen potential candidates.

To download the slides from this event click here.

It was a very exciting and challenging experience, a great opportunity for graduates and employers

IT Graduate

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