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Every business wants the best possible people to drive its growth. Depending on where you are based and what you are looking for, finding the skills you need can be incredibly difficult. Thankfully, we now live in a global economy. Recruiting talented from anywhere in the world is easier than it has ever been. Companies do it every day. In fact, Chinese companies are recruiting Danish engineers to help with green energy projects.

But how do you position yourself as an employer of choice for the world’s best talent?

Identify the gaps
Understand where talent is needed first. This is what makes up your fundamental recruitment strategy. Knowing what areas you need to target and in which locations will be an massive help on.

Employer brand
In order to attract top global talent, you must consider your employer brand. Are you an employer of choice for people in a certain region or sector? Your employer brand can be made up an attractive compensation package, your culture, technology and projects, career development, benefits and reward initiatives, flexible working and the working environment. And once you have a clear employer brand, shout about it. Let people know everything you do to make your organisation a great place to work.

Go the extra mile
Salary is always the first question we get asked by any candidate, not just international candidates. But it isn’t the only thing they ask about. Go the extra mile to make the transition as smooth as possible. Some employers provide dedicated relocation assistance, help with visas and other documentation, education and accommodation and even integrating the new employees and their family into the local community. Consider what you can do to make the transition as smooth as possible.  

Demonstrate diversity
A great way to attract international talent to your organisation is to demonstrate to potential candidates and applicants alike your diverse workforce. The importance of having a diverse and open workplace is, rather than just being the foreign worker in a sea of locals, the international employee is feels part of a collective, working towards a common goal.

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