We pride ourselves on only working with the best candidates. We fully vet all applicants on their experience and technical expertise before presenting them to you. This ensures you only ever receive credible, relevant applications for your vacancies.

We will always start with a phone call to run through their resume and fully understand the projects they have completed to date. If English is not their first language, we will also assess their ability to hold a business focused conversation that you would typically have in an office setting.

Depending on the urgency of the requirement, we may meet them face to face. The purpose of this is to get a very strong understanding of their career aspirations, as well as the types of projects they find most interesting. We find a face to face meeting the best way to gauge personality and team fit, which we will be assessing too.

Once we have evaluated their suitability for the role, we then provide you with their CV. Our CV’s are all presented in a clear, easy to read format so it’s immediately apparent why they might be suitable for the position, why they’re looking for a new role, their location and their salary or rate expectations. Typically we will limit CV’s sent to around 3 depending on the number of positions requiring filling.

Your own interview process now begins, if you have a set procedure we will follow this. If you’re not sure how you wish to go about it we would typically suggest:

  • If the candidate is overseas, first an introduction telephone screen for team fit and language assessment with Human Resources, followed by an in depth technical Skype session with the technical manager.
  • If based in Ireland we always find face to face interviews to be the most beneficial for both parties. We would advise an introduction meeting with HR to assess team fit followed by an in-depth technical interview with the hiring manager. If this is not feasible, then we would recommend a first call/Skype with HR followed by a meeting with the technical manager.

We handle all offers and referencing for you. We will relay the offer and start date required to the candidate, and when both parties are happy to move forward we will contact 2 references directly about the candidate in question. We have our own standard referencing format but if you have a version that you would prefer we use then we would be happy to do so.

Once the references have checked out, we can move to get the successful candidate on board with you and your team as soon as possible.

Hiring can be a stressful process and we try to make this as smooth as possible for you by taking on as much of the responsibility as we can.

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