Once an offer has been accepted and a candidate is happy to relocate and start their new job with you, it’s simply a matter of getting them here. This can be time consuming for you and can be confusing for somebody who may never have relocated before. We understand this and always do our best to make the process as smooth as possible for both parties.

If your new employee has never visited Ireland before and is unsure of the best way to get here, we can advise and assist in sourcing the best flights to and from the most convenient airports. If needed, one of the team will be happy to pick them up at the airport the first time they land in order to help them get their bearings before tackling public transport.

Once we have an idea of their budget for rent and understand their housing requirements, we can pull together a list of available accommodation options for them to review in locations commutable from the office. While they are choosing where to live, we will also help out with organising temporary accommodation in a bed and breakfast or a hotel – within walking distance of the office wherever possible.

For those who are bringing their family with them, childcare and finding schools is always a big concern. Obviously we cannot book school places on their behalf but we will gladly create shortlists and provide contact details for schools that match the requirements for their children.

Integration can be a big thing for candidates who have recently moved to Ireland – especially if they do not know anyone here yet. We always advise employers and team members to take some time after work to get to know the new employees as this makes them feel much more welcome - even if it’s just a brief walk around the block for a friendly chat. If the candidate wants to, the consultant that was dealing with them will take them out for a few drinks, dinner or a bite for lunch, and maybe point out areas of interest or show them the best pubs in town! The Irish are typically a friendly bunch and with a little assistance, your new team member will soon feel right at home!

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