Cloud Computing

It’s not often that a country has a golden opportunity to become a leading player within a rapidly expanding sector but Ireland currently finds itself in that very position. 

Cloud computing has become one of the greatest growth areas within IT over the last five years, with many businesses finding it to be an extremely cost effective solution – in a study report, Goodbody Economic Consultants suggested that cloud computing could save Irish users $500m and result in the creation of more than 2,000 SMEs which would, in turn, employ upwards of 10,000 people.

The cloud industry is expected to be worth $40bn worldwide. 

The previously mentioned study suggests that Ireland has “many of the necessary attributes to become a global centre of excellence (...) and capture a disproportionately large share of the industry”. What qualifies as a “disproportionately large share”? 

Almost 25%... Yes, the suggestion is that Ireland could have a cloud computing industry worth £9.5bn, constituting nearly a quarter of the entire sector’s worth.

This is clearly an opportunity that we need to grab with both hands.  Ireland needs to get switched on and make sure that we capitalise on the chance to become a world leader in this evolving sector. Could it be that focus on achieving this single goal will be what brings us back out of recession and solves many of our issues of unemployment?

In order for this to happen, many have to play a part. The Irish government, our education system, large corporate and SMEs alike all need to take action and do their bit to not let the chance of a new Irish IT golden-age slipping through our fingers. 

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