Ireland is Europe’s Technology Hub

Thinking about Ireland as a place to work? Moving countries is a big decision - but thousands of people move country every day for all sorts of reasons - a better job, better education or better lifestyle. 

Ireland is a country where you can get all three.

Ireland’s location makes it the gateway to Europe for American businesses and as a result, is full of job opportunities within the Technology and Finance sectors. And with Ireland being part of the EU, it is incredibly easy for EU citizens to relocate. We spoke to some of those that have relocated from the EU to Ireland – find out what they think of Ireland as a place to live and work here - Technology hub of Europe Ireland is the technology hub of Europe with technology giants such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter all based here.

The IT market is buzzing with an estimated 5,000 open positions at the moment. If big corporate environments are not really your style Ireland is also currently one of the most popular countries for start-ups in the world. There are Start-Up Awards running every year with a huge number of incubator programs, much funding and resources available. It’s estimated that high potential start-ups will create 1,850 new jobs over the next three years.

In 2013 Ireland was voted top of Forbes’ list of best countries for business and is consistently in the top 5 year on year. We are a world leader in key innovative sectors including ICT, gaming, life sciences and financial services.

Ireland is home to:

  • 9 out of 10 of the world’s major medical technology companies e.g. Boston Scientific and Medtronic
  • 8 of the top pharmaceutical / bio companies e.g. Pfizer and Amgen
  • 10 of the top “born on the internet” companies e.g. EA and Activision

Working in Ireland Ireland’s location makes it a natural gateway to some of the richest markets in the world. We are one of the most open and globally connected countries in the world with trade routes to Europe, the US and the Middle East.

This does not just apply to business and trade – Ireland is easy to get to for travellers as well with reasonable flight prices and times to anywhere in Europe, if you want to go home to visit (or even just to get away from the rain!) it’s incredibly easy.

 Experience working abroad, particularly in an English speaking country, is invaluable on your CV and immediately makes you more attractive to prospective employers. Why not get that experience and improve your English skills in one of the friendliest and safest places in the world?

Ireland is currently ranked as the 7th safest country on the planet and is consistently voted as one of the friendliest places to visit – we’re not known as the land of a thousand welcomes for nothing!  Living in Ireland we know it’s not all about work, you need leisure time too.

Ireland boasts some of Europe’s most vibrant cities - whether you look to Cork in the south, Galway on the west coast, or to the capital city of Dublin on the east coast. Ireland’s cities are frequently voted as some of the best places in the world to live. If the buzz of the city isn’t your idea of fun Ireland also offers some of the most beautiful coasts, mountains and greenery to be found anywhere. Wherever you choose to settle you are never too far away from the sea or the fabled countryside that earned Ireland the nickname ‘The Emerald Isle’. If you have a family or wish to further your own education Ireland offers one of the most highly regarded education systems in the world, with highly accessible primary and secondary schools as well as third level education on offer.

Still Not Convinced? Don’t take my word on how great a place Ireland is to live and work, we spoke to some people who have made the move to Dublin to see how they found it see what they have to say…

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