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"The Future Of The Workplace"

Over the past decade, the workplace has gone through a number of dramatic changes as technology, people and environment evolve to present new challenges – and opportunities – to employers and employees across the globe.

So what does the future of the workplace look like?

GCS, together with Area Square, one of the UK’s most well-known independent office design and fit-out specialists, brought together leading lights from the business world to debate this hot topic and to consider the impact that technology continues to have in this area.

Round table highlights

From the rise of hot-desking and flexible working, through to the different generations in the workplace and future proofing a business, the roundtable examined the tactics that companies are now putting into practice to ensure productivity in the workplace, as well as how these elements can be used to both attract and retain talent.

What did our panel members have to say?

Flexible working

“It’s all about community. People sharing ideas. These generations now coming up have very different attitude stowards the blend of work and non-work and they’re bringing it into that environment. They’ll say ‘I’ve done a couple of hours work and I’m going to have a break, play a game of ping pong or whatever and then I’m going to come back and do another couple of hours.’ It’s about making sure the space and technology solution support that.”

Julia Nott-Macaire, Director, Hadron International

Technology and productivity

"Email as a productivity tool has gone a bit wrong. In organisations like mine, there is a lot of presenteeism, people coming into the office and they’re there so managers think they’re working but they might do more if they were elsewhere and had better tools and better facilities.”

Will Houston, IT Director, Enterprise, Rent-a-car

Understanding your organisation

“You find different departments working in isolation in their silos and when you allow people to work from home as well, the impact of that is enhanced, it gets worse. A simple solution is to bring the developers into the same room as the operations team. That solves a lot of communication issues.”

Luci Allen, Head of Operations, Pink Elephant

Creating exceptional workspaces

“You can’t do this half-heartedly. You can’t dabble. It’s ever changing and ever developing. As a generational thing, you really have to do this. It’s not about teaching generations down the line, it’s what they’re teaching us.”

Aki Stamatis, Chairman, FourFront Group

Work is no longer a place you go but a thing you do

Julia Nott-Macaire Director, Hadron International

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