Happy employees are productive employees

The happiness of employees affects whether or not they stay put and how productive they are. In today’s job market employers should be doing all they can to attract and keep hold of the best candidates – especially in lieu of the pressing skills crisis.

But what is it that makes workers happy?

When it comes to employees’ happiness, our research found a number of factors come into play – but money tops the wish list.

Our research showed a disconnect between what employers think job seekers want, and what they actually want. Employers believed career progression was the main priority for candidates, when in actual fact a high salary, followed by flexible working was more appealing to them when deciding a role – despite employers failing to keep up with the trend.

There is no doubt that the competition for talent is fierce – 51 per cent of people have, on average, 3 - 4 job offers every time they change jobs. This means people are getting bombarded with job offers and opportunities, to the point that most are probably getting ignored.  Findings also showed that 45 per cent of workers expect to change their jobs in six months. This should set off alarm bells to employers if nearly half of their staff is considering leaving, at the same time that 83 per cent of companies are expecting to increase or maintain recruitment levels and expect a buoyant jobs market.

Companies need to be doing all they can to retain and attract the best talent. To achieve this, employers need to understand what motivates employees. And as it stands, employers don’t fully understand what candidates want and what will keep them happy. Companies need to ensure they are benchmarking salaries and updating their packages to include flexible working.

Ultimately if they don’t feel their salary is high enough or if they don’t have enough flexibility with where and when they work they won’t hesitate to leave – even if it means relocating for a new job, which 63 per cent of people indicated they would be prepared to do.

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