How difficult is it to learn Python?

  • Date posted: 29 Nov 2017
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According to Stack Overflow, Python has swiftly become the most popular language among professionals and students around the world. Beating competition from the like of Java, JavaScript and C#, Python offers an easily readable language that also has the potential to create powerful projects. The language has so many benefits that even NASA have implemented it into their projects.

Python not only offers a language that emphasises readability, it also provides a good starting point for anyone looking to learn how to code. Some languages contain unique syntax that make the learning curve even steeper, but Python offers a gradual learning curve than anyone with the right ambition and attention will be able to overcome.

Python’s code is designed to be closer to plain English than languages like C++ and this ease of use means that more time can be spent experimenting with what the code can do and less time trying to find errors in basic code.

Alongside this is the support offered by the Python community. If at any point you find yourself faltering or struggling, you can head to websites like Stack Overflow or Reddit where there is an abundance of users from around the world all helping one another. These communities post anything from exciting new discoveries, projects or even problems that a newcomer or seasoned expert needs help with.

Another reason Python is so easy to learn is the vast libraries which are easily found and implemented. The libraries are a collection of modules that you can utilise without having to write them yourself. For example, the Python Imaging Library  allows users to open and save a variety of different image file formats and includes a variety of image editing tools such as per-pixel manipulation. This is just a simple example of what Python libraries can offer users and there are different ones for every niche. SciPy can be used by science lovers and Pygame is perfect for budding game developers.

Whether it’s your first coding language or your fifth, Python not only presents a new way to create powerful scripts, it also offers plenty of fun new projects to work on. With a learning curve that’s nowhere near as severe as many others, and a consistently growing, helpful community, Python has swiftly become a necessity in any developer’s tool kit.

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