Python has defeated JavaScript to become the most popular language

  • Date posted: 27 Nov 2017
  • Tags: Python

The Python coding language has been around for nearly 3 decades, but in an environment dominated by Java, JavaScript and C# it was tough for it to reach the same success as its competition. However, Stack Overflow have recently announced that Python is the fastest growing language right now.

While ‘fastest growing’ may be a dubious title, Stack Overflow have said that Python has a solid claim to it, as the language has leaped past Java. As a Stack Overflow tag, Python continues to grow rapidly and while other popular languages do also show growth, they’re on nowhere near the same level.

Stack Overflow analysed the growing popularity of Python based on the percentage of visits to pages marked with a Python tag and found that over the past 5 years, it has overtaken C++, PHP, C#, Java and JavaScript. The website can provide a trustworthy analysis as, with 40 million visitors a month, it is a go-to source for professional developers and university students alike.

Python’s swift rise to the most popular language can largely be attributed to the increasing adoption of machine learning technology. Many issues that developers find themselves facing with machine learning tech can be solved with the simple installation of a few python libraries.

Alongside this, most of the necessary tools, such as NumPy and scikit-learn, are free and designed to work in tandem, making Python an obvious choice as a machine learning language.

Another factor which has bolstered Python’s speedy rise to the top is the introduction of DevOps practises throughout the workplace. Packt’s 2017 Skill up survey found that Python had become the primary language of those working in DevOps and dominated numerous other roles ranging from web development to data science.

Python also presents significant advantages when scripting, which is great for a DevOps approach as it means improved automation of certain processes and increased proficiency. Python’s huge library of resources and extensive community of supportive professionals has also helped it become one of the easier languages to learn. It doesn’t require a serious level of commitment and can quickly become an amazing second or third language for any programmer looking to expand their skillset.

There are many factors that influence the popularity of each language. For example, Java is very commonly taught in undergraduate classes and therefore the traffic finds itself rising during term time and falling during holidays. As it stands, Python is the most popular coding language according to Stack Overflow, but Java may contend for the title throughout the year.

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