• From shaky start to firm future - the acceptance of DevOps

    Date posted: 16 Mar 2016

    If you were to believe the hype, you’d think DevOps rise to prominence was rapid. In actual fact, like a lot of Hollywood actors, DevOps was around for a long time before it found fame, it was...

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  • More is more: The evolution of Applications Development

    Date posted: 17 Mar 2016

    Candidates with experience of solely front- or back-end development are finding demand for their skills are decreasing and what was once an in-demand skillset has become only half of what is...

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  • Communication v Technical Skills

    Date posted: 21 Feb 2016

    Within GCS Technology's network and support team, something we've noticed recently is that more and more employers are prioritising social and communication skills over technical...

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  • Counter-offers: a short-term solution

    Date posted: 21 Jun 2016

    I have noticed a substantial increase in the number of candidates who, upon resigning from their role to move to a new company, are receiving a counter-offer from their existing employer. Whilst...

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  • Big Data Gets Bigger

    Date posted: 06 Sep 2016

    The term 'big data' originally began to circulate within the market at the end of the last decade, an emerging idea of which people were unsure - would it be the next big thing or another fad...

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