Why Python should be an essential part of a developer’s toolkit

  • Date posted: 26 Nov 2017
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Python has been around for a few decades now, but until recently it has been overshadowed by the more popular languages such as Java and C++. However, Python has recently become the most popular language according to Stack Overflow and with many flocking towards the language, there are a variety of reasons why it is quickly becoming an essential part of any developer’s toolkit.

A steady learning curve

The reasons why Python is easy to learn have already been touched upon, but this ease of access for developers at all skill levels makes it essential. The gentle learning curve means that even beginners can write code that is both elegant and functional due to the lack of strict rules it employs compared to other languages such as Java or JavaScript.

Almost 30 years of development

Just because Python hasn’t always been the most popular coding language, doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been utilised. With a few decades of use under its belt, Python has a consistently growing following and these developers are always figuring out new methodologies and finding new solutions to solve the languages bugs.

Alongside this, Python has built a huge community over the past 30 years which gives developers of every skill level a wide variety of creative peers to discuss ideas with.

The rise of data science

Python’s massive spike in popularity is often attributed to its popularity within data science. Tech giants such as Google have used Python as the primary language for their deep learning framework and alongside this Netflix and Facebook have been using it as a prominent language within their respective companies. 

When it comes to the cloud and platform-as-a-service providers, Python integrates itself well and through its support of multiprocessing, it helps bolster performance for data science and machine learning.

A language for every occasion

Over the years there have been such a vast variety of different applications that Python has been a perfect match for. Its versatility means it can help almost any software development or operations scenario that needs solving. With a wide community of experts and a vast library of easy to implement pre-written books, Python has a multitude of uses.


From cloud infrastructures, to artificial intelligence, Python appears in almost all areas of development. The language itself is easy to learn compared to its competitors and as developers constantly look for ways to increase their skillsets, any who don’t have a strong grasp of Python will need to be adding it to their development toolkit.

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