Top of the FinTech start up market list in Europe, London is a world-leader when it comes to global finance and technology. Between 2010 and 2015, London’s FinTech market received $5.4billion worth of global investment, which is 11% of all investments made into the sector.

London has established itself as a lucrative market in FinTech because its’ financial district is home to some of the biggest banks in the world. However, the Brexit vote could make this positive about London’s market less of a draw unless the UK ensures that we retain access to the single market – a key challenge for the government is to bolster confidence in the capital as an ideal investment base. Still, key figures have insisted that whatever happens with the EU, “the best founders and entrepreneurs build successful companies no matter the macroeconomic or political climate”.

As well as a rich business history and financial heritage, the British capital is popular with start-ups and established FinTech specialists alike because of its excellent infrastructure and easy access to skilled talent. The Financial Conduct Authority has also relaxed regulation to encourage growth in the FinTech sector, allowing businesses to test out new products and services without having to adhere to such strict rules.


The port past

London was home to a port before it was capital of the UK
London was the largest port in the world in the 18th and 19th centuries, handling 60,000 ships per year
London grew as a port during the Roman period – exports were leaving the city as early as 30 AD and included hunting dogs, silver, gold and lead

The tech future

51,000 people employed in London’s FinTech sector
Google has a seven storey building at Tech City
A 2016 Ernst & Young survey named London as a vital city in the FinTech sector
London’s Silicon Roundabout is home to Google, Intel, Cisco and Facebook and is the third largest tech startup cluster in the world after San Fran and New York City

London has always been at the forefront of the new and exciting, and as a FinTech hub it is unrivalled. It combines incredible tech talent, steady investment and a regulatory environment well placed to support a growing FinTech sector. Add to this the fantastic links to Europe, the US and beyond and it’s easy to see why FinTech companies are thriving in London.”

David Bloxham Managing Director - GCS Recruitment Specialists

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