Technology client case study



The company

mGage is a global mobile engagement provider with more than 15 years of mobile CRM (mCRM) experience. It delivers billions of monthly mobile messages for 800 enterprises and is a trusted connection for over 500 carriers across the globe.

The challenge

For over two months, mGage had been looking for a suitable contractor through its own sources - they needed a Bada developer and simply couldn't find one. Given the relatively limited usage of the Bada platform in comparison to the more commonly used iOS and Android mobile development platforms, most of the suitably skilled workers in the country were tied up in contracts at Samsung, the originator of the platform. Faced with deadlines, the company turned to GCS to see if we could have any more success in locating a contractor with this rare skillset. 

The solution

The Bada developers known to GCS were all off the market, with this in mind, GCS headed to an AppsWorld exhibition that would be hosting a conference about the Bada platform. GCS attended and, after the conference, approached the keynote speaker. Explaining what they were looking for, he gave him a business card and the keynote speaker kindly agreed to mention the opportunity to anybody he thought might be appropriate. Within minutes, GCS got a call from a Bada developer that had literally just spoken to that same keynote speaker. By the time the GCS consultant returned to the office, the CV was waiting. Shortly thereafter, the client engaged this candidate for a successful six month contract. 

They said

"GCS are reliable, dedicated and always deliver. I know that any time I recruit them, it is time well spent; they make sure they understand the requirement for the individual, the project and the company, and put forward only the best candidates.

I would estimate that I have engaged around 90% of the contractors GCS have submitted for interview, a figure far greater than that of any other contract recruiters I have used"

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It was a very exciting and challenging experience, a great opportunity for graduates and employers