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  • Date posted: 16 Nov 2017
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In the 21 years that I have worked at GCS, the last twelve months have been the most exciting of times.

I feel like everything I have learned in my recruitment career is coming to fruition, and the company that I love is taking giant steps forward. Following the MBO and coming into the nGage family, we have been able to achieve synergies and use the expertise of the nGage senior management to develop new ideas and strategies. But moreover, with the impetus of the new dawn in the business there is a great buzz around the place as people are able to think big and create a new vision for GCS.

Following the MBO, we have now created a Share Scheme for our consultants and management. This is something I have always wanted to do. Since I started in recruitment I have believed in success being something that is shared between the team that you work with. Nothing great was ever achieved without a group of people working hard together towards a common goal. At GCS we have a saying which is “We Own Our Targets” – the only way to increase figures is if everyone is performing at their highest capacity and a team should care about each other’s performances, because if we all perform then the company grows and if the company grows then there are more opportunities for all. By sharing the equity within our company this means that this ideology is promoted further.

Sometimes in recruitment, because it is such a competitive industry, the wrong types of behaviour can be fostered. As a recruiter you need to be ruthless with your time and selfish with your activity. But you don’t have to be a ruthless, selfish character to succeed, the best recruiters are people that can balance these elements with an ability to see new possibilities and work with others to create new opportunities whilst delivering the best possible service for their clients and candidates. Hopefully by creating this share scheme we can further foster the attitude through each person within the company and improve everyone’s performance.

We have decided to make this scheme one that as many consultants as possible can join. Whatever their experience, by hitting set targets they can get a rising amount of equity in the business. The equity means that each shareholder will be able to enjoy some of the financial success that GCS projects for the future. We would not have got to where we are as a business without our team, and we need the same level of commitment as we expand and grow.

There are many proud moments during my career at GCS. It is a company that has given me joy and inspiration over the years. I could not have achieved anything without the great people that I have worked with during this time. I know that the leadership team here feel the same. By sharing the future success of the business we are able to show our gratitude to the individuals and teams that represent GCS so well and focus everyone on the targets and goals that we have for the coming years. So for me and them this is the proudest moment of all.

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