Top 5 hottest tech development skills

Technology is a global industry led by innovation - and that innovation tends to start in a few specific areas and roll out from there. California's Silicon Valley has long been considered the technology capital of the world with Hong Kong, Dublin, London and the UK's Thames Valley also regarded as IT epicentres, but New York is gaining ground on all of these places.

The skills that are currently - or seem poised to be - most in demand in New York are likely to soon see increased pick-up elsewhere across the world. They are;

1/ Scala

Seemingly created in response to criticisms of Java, Scala is an object-oriented C-like code which many large institutions are bringing in to run alongside their Java projects. Whilst the big companies with a history of Java development may not be able to entirely convert their legacy systems, Scala offers a flexible and efficient alternative moving forwards.

2/ JavaScript

The most used web development language in the world, JavaScript remains as in demand now as it has throughout this decade. The candidate with experience of updated and improved frameworks and programming libraries find themselves particularly sought after, especially those who can handle Angular, React and the creatively named Bacon.js.

3/ Python

A high-level language that has come to the forefront of the development world with the advent of Big Data. As increasingly more companies engage data scientists to explore the potential of this new area of the market, its mathematics library makes Python the ideal language for scientific scripting and the financial industry.

4/ Go

Another C-based language, Go (or Golang) is the least known of these five hot skills but one that may explode in popularity over the next few years due, in a large part, to the fact that it has been developed by Google. Whilst the language itself is considered useful, simple and safe, the connection with the world's third most valuable brand makes it likely that Go will become one of the key skills of the generation now entering the workplace.

5/ Xamarin

As C#.Net grows in popularity, Xamarin skills are coveted by businesses looking to create cross-platform applications. Still in its infancy, Xamarin is highly useful but not yet commonplace, so there is substantial competition amongst companies to engage the best available talent.


Agree? Disagree? We'd love to hear your thoughts on what you think will be the most in-demand skills over the upcoming year - and why!

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