The GCS Academy

We’re here to support you through every stage on your recruitment career, that’s why we’ve set up the GCS Academy to ensure that all our consultants can reach their potential. We currently have over 50 masterclasses available, each one dedicated to helping your GCS career progress.

At GCS there’s no limit to your success, our Sales Leaders are always developing specialist training schemes for senior and principal consultants. This high performance development will enable even the most senior consultants to further their skillsets. We recently added a Leadership Essentials course to our academy to help all members move into management positions.

We’re so dedicated to investing in our people that we will send you on regular trips to the UK at the beginning of your career. Alongside these trips, we also offer online teaching and we’ll organise visits from the training manager. At GCS, we want to make sure you have the opportunity to train with the best in the industry and we won’t let your location get in the way of your career development.


This is the first stage of the GCS Academy and will help you see real results as you start to build your recruitment career. The Recruitment Fundamentals course mixes practical and classroom learning to create a comprehensive learning programme.


For those who have developed their career and already possess some recruitment experience, this course will help you build on your skills as you continue on your career path. With one-to-one training and ongoing mentoring, this course will help you finely tune your high performance sales skills.


This course is all about turning managers into leaders and we’ve partnered with expert, external performance coaches to ensure you receive training from the best. We’re proud that our academy is able to turn managers into leaders, making sure you can bring the right skills to your team.


At GCS our team enjoys working hard, motivated by the knowledge that we believe in rewarding success.

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An award-winning workplace where where success is rewarded.

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