The Culture

We’re incredibly proud to have the opportunity to bring our unique, reward driven culture and expertise to New York.

At GCS we reward success and invest in every member of our team to ensure you’ve got everything you could need to thrive with us.

Our culture is built around the idea that if you pursue success, you’ll be rewarded. We work with all of our consultants to ensure that they have a set of realistic, but inspiring goals that will help them quickly climb up the company ladder.

With our New York office, we’ve brought the unique culture of our London, Reading and Dublin office to the United States. We believe in empowering all of our staff to succeed and that’s why we offer a training and career development programme to span your entire career.

Communication and transparency are two values that we value highly, which is why we make sure that every success is noticed and rewarded. We always have our End of Quarter Awards ceremony to celebrate the collective and individual achievements of all our teams.

There’s also our annual May Ball which outlines the company strategy and vision for the following year. We don’t want any of our staff to miss out on this just because they’re in a different country, so GCS pays for the travel and accommodation of all our expert staff.

Our Annual black tie awards event looks to celebrate the outstanding achievements from all of our international offices.


At GCS our team enjoys working hard, motivated by the knowledge that we believe in rewarding success.

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GCS Academy

We have remodelled the GCS academy to encompass every stage in your recruitment career. 

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