Frequently asked questions

  1. Why do people get into recruitment?

    Recruitment offers people the chance to work in fast moving, competitve and fun environment. An industry based on meritocracy, successful recruiters can succeed far more quickly than in other sectors. For example, a top recruiters earn comparable incomes to senior personnel in the legal or accountancy professions, but without the need for extensive  training courses leading to industry regulated certification.

  2. What sort of people succeed at GCS?

    Our value statement sums it up nicely. GCS values passionate people who conduct themselves with professionalism and integrity, take responsibility for their actions and constantly seek improvement.

  3. What are the career prospects at GCS?


    David Bloxham graduated from the University of Reading in 1996 and immediately joined GCS at a trainee. In 2008, he became Managing Director. In 2011, an 18 year old Jon Gibbs joined GCS and in 2015 was named a Sales Leader within our Reading office. Jon is now part of GCS' sales management team.

    Those who are keen to learn and dedicated to excellence will find their career progresses as quickly as they want. Inexperienced recruiters spend their first four weeks in the GCS Academy, an exceptional in-house training program that comprises part of the employment. Following this, as a Junior Consultant you will work with a Team Leader who will become your day-to-day mentor. When you are ready to handle the recruitment process by yourself, you are promoted to Consultant.

    Upon promotion to Senior Consultant, you are enrolled in the GCS Future Leaders program with a view to becoming a Team Leader, Sales Leader or Business Manager. 

  4. What is the GCS Academy?

    The GCS Academy is our internal training programme for recruiters. The Academy is split in to 3 stages - ensuring you get dedicated training and support at eevery stage of your recruitment career. The stages are: 

    - Recruitment Fundamentals - for those new to the recruitment industry, this stage covers all the basics of recruitment. 

    - High performance development - for consultants and senior consultants, this ensures you have the support needed to push your career forwards

    Through mixing group training sessions with at-desk mentoring and ongoing constructive feedback, the course is based around challenging yet achievable weekly targets with clearly defined goals for promotion.

    - Leadership essentials - for team leaders and business managers, this stage provides management training, helping you get the most out of others whilst still developing your own career

  5. What benefits and bonuses do GCS offer?

    In addition to a competitive basic salary, GCS employees receive the opportunity to increase their earnings from the beginning of their career. Junior consultants and resourcers earn bonuses and rewards for assisting placements and, once promotion has been achieved, GCS Consultants enjoy a generous commission scheme combined with milestone rewards.

    You will receive a minimum of 20 days of annual leave with an additional day off on your birthday. Holiday allowance increases in line with length of service and for high levels of service. Other benefits are available to including private healthcare and pension scheme.

    There are two six-monthly overseas sales incentives with Dubai and Ibiza the most recent destinations. In addition, there are quarterly and annual awards, high achievers lunches, breakfast club, on-track bonuses and other ad hoc rewards and incentives to recognise high achievement. 

  6. What are the hours of work?

    Our core hours are 8:30 a.m. through to 6:30 p.m. with a lunch break from 1 - 2 p.m.

    However, because there are no 'standard' hours for recruitment, the prevailing attitude of those who have achieved success within the industry is simply to work until the job is done.

  7. Do all applicants need a degree?

    Absolutely not. GCS Founder, Chris Bartlett doesn't and neither does the most successful permanent consultant in GCS' history, Lawrence Kelly. 

    In fact, it's pretty much an even split at GCS. Half with degrees, half without. What's most important to us is not what's on paper, but what you offer as a person. 

  8. Do I need to have previous experience?

    No. You just need passion, determination, common sense, a strong work ethic and a great attitude.

  9. I have previous recruitment experience - Can I apply?

    Absolutely. GCS has a fast-track process for those with prior industry experience. Whilst we are committed to promoting from within, a number of our leaders and senior consultants have found a home with us after having worked for competing businesses for many years.

  10. Which GCS division will I work with?

    It is often difficult to know immediately whether you will work best within the permanent or contract market but, after several weeks, it begins to become clear which routes will be the most successful. One of the many benefits of the GCS Academy program is that it gives us a chance to get to know each other. This way, rather than simply guessing at which team you will best fit with, we can make sure you are joining a team in which you will flourish.

  11. What is the interview process?

    Stage one is a telephone interview, lasting roughly 20 minutes. During this call we, tell you a bit more about GCS, and explore your previous experience and future goals. We will also be transparent about the expectations and rewards of the role.

    Stage two is a one-to-one interview with one our internal recruiters and a team leader. At this point you will also complete a brief aptitude and psychometric test.

    The final stage is a group assessment with our Sales Director, Lisa Forrester which includes a few small group tasks designed to see how you interact with others and better underdsand your communicaiton skills. 

    If you get through all of these, you will be offered the job!

    If both sides are happy to proceed after the work sample, you will be made an offer and join the next GCS Academy cycle.

  12. What is the next step?

    If you are interested in discussing the prospect of a career with GCS, contact our internal recruitment team.




We have remodelled the GCS academy to encompass every stage in your recruitment career. 

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