The GCS Academy

We have remodelled the GCS Academy to encompass every stage in your recruitment career. This includes introducing new masterclasses at all levels and we now have more than 50 masterclasses available to support your career progression.

Our training programme is broken down into 3 key stages, ensuring you have all the support you need at every step of your career.


The first stage of the GCS Academy. The Recruitment Fundamentals uses a mixture of online, classroom and practical learning to deliver the basics of 360 recruitment. A comprehensive and fast-paced learning programme, this is all about helping you quickly see real results.



A flexible training and development programme for those with recruitment experience who are looking to continue developing their career. With one-to-one training and ongoing mentoring, this programme focuses on sharpening your high performance sales habits in order to accelerate your growth.



Partnering with external performance coaches, this stage of the GCS Academy is all about developing managers into leaders. You will receive internal and external training support to help you train, develop, coach and mentor your team.


At GCS our team enjoys working hard, motivated by the knowledge that we believe in rewarding success.

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