The idea

Harvard Business Studies proved that a 50/50 workforce produced a 20% improvement on GP productivity…

We wanted to create a network that supported diversity in the workplace, with the specific goal of tackling the various challenges that women in business face. That’s why we’ve come up with the idea of running a “Women in Business” network dedicated to ensuring women have an equal chance of success to men at GCS, and hopefully in the wider business world too.

In addition to this, the network will help increase confidence in our current female members of staff, with an on-going mentoring scheme to ensure that all females have an equal opportunity to have a highly successful career within GCS.

What we'll address:

  • Workplace diversity
  • Mentors - women at GCS to have a dedicated “go to” person
  • Confidence in the workplace
  • Coaching and personal development programmes
  • A role for you all to play no matter on what position, office or seniority, be a role model
  • Addressing as recruiters how we can help women in Tech, Eng & Finance
  • Note the new email ring, any issues, lets speak to each other, communicate our wins and generally support each other.

next meeting agenda:

  • How can we push this out to our vertical markets.
  • What is the Goal and how to we make that happen
  • Improved attraction and retention of female talent into recruitment
  • Discuss as a group how we can ensure 2017/18 is another fantastic year for Women at GCS across the business

This event will be for ALL Women at GCS and any male employees that want to be part of this diversity campaign, and will take place at an external venue.

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